Saturday, December 16, 2006

Q: Is it too late to be posting about Election 2006?

T.A.M.S.Y.'s Election Day 2006 Edition
A: Not if I say it's not!

I subscribe to approximately three hundred thousand of National Public Radio's podcasts, which -- like all of the podcasts I subscribe to -- I almost never listen to (probably because I spend so little time on the Cleveland subway). I just like all the space they take up on my hard drive.

Anyway, a few days ago, I was trying to catch up on one of the more interesting of these podcasts, NPR's Driveway Moments, (i.e., segments so compelling, theoretically, you can't bear to leave the car), and I came across one I found particularly hilarious: Dire Predictions & Disastrous Votes, Melissa Block's interview with two of the country's premier campaign-ad voice-over guys, Dennis Steele and Scott Sanders, whose voices you will likely recognize.

The best part is when they re-imagine nursery rhymes as melodramatic attack ads (John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt / His name is my name too / Whenever we go out / The people always shout / "Hey, what about Iraq!?"). Really, it's very funny. Check it out.

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