Thursday, February 19, 2009

Q: Does Andrew Sullivan have some kind of custom RSS feed for horrifying YouTube videos?

A: Yesterday when I posted that German flower mutants video, I was going to make a joke about it being Andrew Sullivan's most disturbing find since the sashaying horse. Then he goes and ups the ante today with this terrifying high-speed snail gangbang:

Boww chikka bow wow.

EDIT: This may or may not actually be some sort of snail torture porn. Sullivan has replaced it with, what else, another Pet Shop Boys video. I will leave it up, because either way, at least Dick Cheney will find it arousing.

EDIT, PART 2: According to a YouTube commenter, these snails are not, in fact, being salted to death:

"these snails are not dying, i have slug infestation in my home and they die in less than 30 seconds if you salt them. these snails are hibernating, the foam they make dries to leave a watertight seal and snails can survive inside their shells without food for months. these snails have realised there is no food about so have entered "stasis". the bit i found gross was the snail orgy you appear to have filmed. i think theres a touch of salt to stop them from leaving but not enough to kill."
I report, you decide.

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