Thursday, February 19, 2009

Q: What's the secret ingredient in Google Maps' face-blurring technology?

A: Google Maps' ever-spreading "Street view" feature has added a technology for automatically blurring out the faces of the people it photographs walking out of porn shops or whatever. It works really well -- sometimes too well:

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If I were selling that slop, I'd want my face blurred too.


Tom Clark said...

Though I really like this StreetView feature, I have reservations about it especially when it comes to one's privacy. That's why it was great that the people's faces captured in the streetview were blurred.

Gareth Bull SEO said...

I have actually been picked up on Google Street Maps twice now by the car that drives around with the camera on the roof


Lauren Bootfall said...
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Lauren Bootfall said...

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Richard C. Lambert said...

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