Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Q: Why has the RIAA still not found what it's looking for?

A: Late Friday, TechCrunch reported that Last.fm had spilled its guts to the recording industry, identifying everyone who'd been illicitly spinning the recently leaked U2 album. Because of the timing of the story's release, many may have missed the subsequent updates, wherein the story turned out to be bullshit. I note it here out of love for Last.fm, and also as further evidence of TechCrunch's burgeoning irrelevance.

(Seriously, Michael Arrington, the only idea more terrible than the Microsoft Store is hiring tech bloggers who think the Microsoft Store is not a terrible idea).

Anyway, the fact that Last.fm still moves in mysterious ways should come as a great relief to anyone worried about being publicly exposed for still caring about new U2 albums. Wow, that would have been embarrassing!

EARLIER: The RIAA's stuck in a moment and it can't get out of it.

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