Jelqing in Details: What Is It And Why Should You Do it

Written by Robert Kilbun

With so many male enhancement techniques out there, you’re probably wondering which one is right for you. If you’ve done some research into male enhancement exercises (more about benefits here), you’ve probably come across jelqing.

It’s one of the most popular routines but what exactly does it do?

What Is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a natural technique that’s been used for centuries. Its primary purpose is to enhance the size of the erect penis and to improve its functioning.

When a man does jelqing, some pressure and stretching will be applied on the shaft of the penis. A series of strokes are utilized and their main purpose is to improve circulation and allow more blood to pass through.

This is one of the techniques that can be performed over a long period of time. When a jelqing routine is adopted, it can contribute to permanent sexual enhancement. Just like other male enhancement exercises, however, jelqing requires some patience.

You will need to get in the habit of doing the exercise before you see massive results.

The Benefits Of Jelqing

Doing a jelqing routine will give you a chance to experience an array of key male enhancement benefits. Here are a few of the most important:

  • Improved circulation
    obviously, an improvement in the flow of blood is imperative for feeling like a sex god. Jelqing allows more blood to enter the penis and get trapped in the corpora cavernosa. As a result, the technique leads to harder erections that can be sustained over a longer period of time.
  • Size increase
    the size increase results from the improved blood flow and it can be observed when the penis is erect. The bigger volume of blood results in a bigger member. Jelqing, however, cannot be expected to increase the size of the flaccid penis.
  • More stamina and better control
    many men who do jelqing exercises find themselves capable of lasting longer in bed. In addition, they have a better control over their erection. Stamina is one of the most desirable traits when it comes to being perceived as an excellent lover. Jelqing can deliver such results, especially when it’s practiced alongside other male enhancement exercises like kegels.

All of these advantages will lead to a higher level of sexual satisfaction, a better body image and more confidence in the bedroom. Many men have insecurities when it comes to the size of their penis or how it performs.

The good news is that such insecurities can be overcome in a natural, inexpensive way.

How To Do Jelqing

Jelqing is a very simple technique but there are a still a few essentials that guys need to master.

  1. For a start, jelqing should be performed on a semi-erect penis. A full erection isn’t advisable because it will make it very difficult to push blood through the penile tissue. In order to make the exercise safe and comfortable, it’s also a good idea to use some lubricant.
  2. Start with an ok grip at the base of the semi-erect penis. Apply light pressure and begin moving up the shaft. The grip should be strong without causing you any pain or discomfort as you’re moving your hand.
  3. Stop at the base of the glans. Release the grip, go back to the base of the penis and repeat. In the beginning, you may want to start with a few repetitions until you get used to the exercise.

As you become more comfortable and you master the technique, you can do a bigger number of repetitions and several series throughout the day.

Finally, you should always warm up and cool down in the beginning and the end of your exercise sessions. Warming up could come in the form of placing a heated towel on your penis or doing a light massage.

Taking a hot shower in the end of the exercise routine would be the ideal pick for further strengthening the circulation and reducing the risk of discomfort after the performance of the routine.

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