ProExtender Review: Take A Look At Its Features To Determine Whether It’s Good For You

Growing your penis naturally is not an impossible task and even research suggests that it can be done through the selection of the right traction device (penis extenders).

Simple and painless, these extenders are one of the best options for a permanent increase in size that doesn’t come with a risk of complications or side effects.

ProExtender is a popular traction device that has been on the market for years. If you’re wondering whether to buy this one, the following review will give you a lot of important information.


How Does It Work?

Like other traction devices, ProExtender stretches the penis away from the body for extended periods of time. The use of the extender is pain-free and simple, making it possible for just about every guy to try the solution.

When the penis is being constantly stretched, it will get microtears in the tissue. A healing process will start, during which cells will divide and new tissue will get formed. The formation of this new tissue is the one mechanism that contributes to the growth of the penis.

Extension devices deliver results but they have to be used for a few hours each day and over the course of several months.

What Makes ProExtender Different?

Since all traction devices employ the same principle, you may be wondering what makes ProExtender different from other options on the market.

ProExtender has an excellent design and the stretcher is crafted out of high quality materials. Because of its sturdy and sleek construction, it allows for pain-free usage.

This is one of the main reasons why urologists recommend the use of ProExtender to their patients looking for enhancement and the ones attempting to overcome Peyronie’s disease.

In addition, ProExtender can guarantee results.

The appliance’s manufacturer has carried out a clinical study to determine whether ProExtender can deliver on its promises. The experiment involved 18 patients who used the traction device for up to 12 hours per day and for a period of 24 weeks.

The men saw an average increase in the size of their erect penis of 21 percent in 16 weeks and 29 percent in the end of the experiment. This means that the average growth in erect penis length was 1.1 inch. The permanent gain in flaccid penis length was 0.75 inches.

None of the men who tried the extender experienced complications or pain. The results of the experiment were eventually presented at the Symposium of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery.


ProExtender is a completely natural solution that doesn’t feature any of the risks or serious side effects stemming from male enhancement surgery. The device is very easy to use and it can be utilized in the comfort of one’s home.

Some of the most prominent ProExtender advantages include the following:

  • Well-designed and recommended by urologist
  • The device has been around for many years and it has maintained an excellent reputation ever since
  • A clinical study backs up the effectiveness of ProExtender
  • The penile growth will be permanent
  • The extender is covered by a money-back guarantee
  • There are two versions to choose among on the basis of budget
  • Occasional discounts may be available to reduce the cost of acquiring ProExtender


There isn’t a lot of negative information about ProExtender. The device works well and it is safe – the most important facts pertaining to its functioning. A few negative characteristics include the following:

  • It’s quite a bit more expensive than inferior extenders out there
  • Because of ProExtender’s reputation, there are dozens of imitation products on the market
  • Only available for purchase online

Final Verdict

ProExtender is a great pick if you’re looking for a high quality traction device. The only thing to be careful about is acquiring the original. You can accomplish the goal by visiting the official ProExtender website and buying from there.

This traction device gets a 4.5 out of five stars rating.

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