Traction Devices Aren’t Created Equal – Why SizeGenetics Is An Industry Leader?

If you’re looking at traction devices AKA penis extenders, you’ve probably done some research already and you know that this is one of the most reliable natural methods to grow your penis permanently.

Traction devices, however, aren’t created equal. The comfort of using an extender and the results you’ll get are both going to depend on the build of the device and the design of the construction.

SizeGenetics has been one of the leading brands on the market for years and there are several reasons why the traction device is superior. The following review will examine some of the most prominent characteristics.

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How Does SizeGenetics Work?

SizeGenetics is a clinically-tested traction device. It works in a really simple manner. The aim of the extender is to stretch the penis away from the body, maintaining slight tension at all times.

When the tissues are stretched, micro-tears will appear in them. The micro tears are perceived as injuries by the body and an instant healing mechanism will be employed.

Cells will replicate and new tissue will be created. This new tissue is the one that will contribute to a permanent increase in the length of the penis.

SizeGenetics is one of the most potent extenders on the market. It exerts 2,800 grams of tension – no other penis extender is capable of doing the same while guaranteeing a high level of comfort to the wearer.

The manufacturer has ordered a clinical trial to test the effectiveness of SizeGenetics. According to researchers, men who use the traction device will see an average increase of 24 percent within 20 weeks of being on the program and 29 percent within 24 weeks.

Other Problems That SizeGenetics Can Address

SizeGenetics is the perfect appliance for men who lack confidence in the bedroom and would like to feel manlier. These guys, however, aren’t the only one who will benefit from the use of a medical-grade device like SizeGenetics.

The traction device is also suitable for treating problems like Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease is characterized by the formation of scar tissue that makes the penis bend at unusual angles.

Through the regular use of a traction device, the plaque can be broken down to reduce the abnormal curvature or eliminate it altogether.

SizeGenetics also has a traction device that’s suitable for use by men who suffer from micropenis. Micropenis is an extremely rare condition in which the length of the erect penis is under two inches. In the most severe of cases, men suffering from micropenis experience urination problems and they’re also incapable of penetrating a partner.

While a traction device isn’t going to produce a massive gain in the length of the penis, the use of such an appliance can make a difference.

Biggest Advantages

The use of low quality traction devices can be painful and dangerous. This is the main reason why you should stick to the most reputable, high quality products on the market.

The SizeGenetics penis extender is one of them. Some of the biggest advantages you’ll get to enjoy by opting for this product include the following:

  • A medical-grade construction that makes the extender safe and comfortable to use
  • It exerts 2,800 grams of tension for fast and sustainable results
  • There have been no reports about side effects when SizeGenetics is used according to manufacturer recommendations
  • The traction device is recommended by urologists for the treatment of conditions like Peyronie’s disease and micropenis
  • There are several different kits to choose among
  • The device is clinically tested
  • There’s a four-month money-back guarantee
  • Occasional discounts are being offered to make the kits more affordable
  • Spare parts and additional accessories can be purchased separately

A Few Shortcomings

There aren’t that many negative things to say about the SizeGenetics penis stretcher. A few small cons include the following:

  • Using SizeGenetics requires commitment and daily effort
  • The extender is perceived as a bit expensive by some buyers
  • There’s no free international shipping

Final Verdict

The shortcomings mentioned in this review don’t really interfere with the effectiveness of the traction device. SizeGenetics is safe, well-designed and it works.

Because of these characteristics, the traction gets a five star rating.

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