Good Sex Requires A Healthy Prostate – VigRX Prostate Support Review And Its Merits

Written by Robert Kilbun

Most aging men experience problems with their prostate. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) affects about 10 percent of men in their 30s and 50 to 60 percent of the men aged 60 and older.

Some of the men who have BPH will not experience any symptoms at all. Others, will have to deal with unpleasant occurrences like frequent urination, a feeling of not being fully capable of emptying one’s bladder and sexual dysfunction.

The good news is that BPH can be managed to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms altogether. Herbal supplements and natural products are an excellent option that even urologists recommend.

VigRX Prostate Support is one such natural product. It’s considered one of the best options for the management of BPH because of the quality of ingredients and the concentration.

How Does VigRX Prostate Support Work?

VigRX Prostate Support is especially formulated for men in their 50s and older. It features ingredients that control the growth of the prostate gland and the unpleasant symptoms that stem from it.

The regular use of VigRX Prostate Support can eliminate BPH. These are the main reasons why the supplement is recommended to guys who are experiencing the following:

  • Frequent urination, especially during the night
  • A feeling that the bladder hasn’t been emptied thoroughly after peeing
  • Difficulty starting urination, even when the urge is strong
  • A weak urine stream
  • Having to stop and start several times when peeing
  • Burning sensations or pain during urination (which can also be the symptom of an infection – a consultation with a doctor will be required!)

Main Ingredients

The best aspect of VigRX Prostate Support is that the supplement includes only natural ingredients in its formula. Here’s a list of the active compounds and the manner in which these benefit prostate health:

  • Saw palmetto
    while researchers aren’t sure how exactly it helps, they know that saw palmetto features phytochemicals that are very beneficial for the prostate. There is some evidence it could reduce the amount of a certain enzyme responsible for the growth of prostate cells. The herb also has anti-inflammatory properties – another essential mechanism for keeping the prostate healthy.
  • Stinging nettle
    clinical studies suggest that stinging nettle helps for the production of hormones that prevent the benign enlargement of the prostate. There is also some evidence that like saw palmetto, it affects the growth of the prostate cells. Clinical trials suggest that a combination of saw palmetto and stinging nettle is very potent for the natural treatment of BPH. Because nettle is a diuretic, it also helps to improve the flow of urine.
  • Beta-sitosterol
    derived from plants, beta-sitosterol is similar in structure to cholesterol. It works in a manner similar to one of the most prominent medications for the treatment of BPH.
  • Pygeum
    a thorough meta-analysis proves that pygeum is another natural substance that helps for the management of BPH symptoms.  The analysis reviewed 18 clinical trials and the range of BPH relief that pygeum delivered was 19 to 23 percent.

Biggest Advantages

VigRX Prostate Support doesn’t contain fillers, chemicals or ingredients of questionable reputation. It has been formulated carefully to allow for the natural management of BPH and the reduction of the most prominent symptoms.

The biggest benefits of the supplement include the following:

  • Natural and pharmaceutical-free, can be bought by everyone without a prescription
  • The formula is excellent
  • The supportive evidence confirming the effectiveness of the ingredients is excellent
  • The supplement is made by a well-known, reputable company
  • The ingredients are recommended by urologists for the management of BPH
  • There’s a money-back guarantee
  • Discounts are available for bulk purchases
  • Product purchase is possible online, by mail or fax


The formula is excellent and the product works, which is why VigRX Prostate Support is recommended for all men in their 50s, 60s and beyond. A few cons that can be mentioned include:

  • A single bottle is a bit expensive
  • The supplement is relatively new and there aren’t that many customer reviews to go through

Final Verdict

If you want to improve your prostate health, you should definitely give VigRX Prostate Support a try. Well-formulated, recommended by doctors and backed up by science, this supplement gets a 4.5 out of five stars rating.

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