Can You Increase Ejaculate Volume With Semenax? A Comprehensive Review

If you’ve ever researched ejaculate volume increase supplements, you’ve come across Semenax. It’s been around for a long time and it happens to be one of the best natural products in the field. There are several characteristics that make Semenax a good choice for just about every man.


How Does Semenax Work?

The ingredients in the supplement improve the health of the organs responsible for semen production. This way, men can enjoy considerably bigger loads every single time that they ejaculate.

According to the manufacturer, men can see the change in anywhere between 60 and 90 days from getting started with the supplementation program. Semenax works on the prostate, the seminal vesicle and the bulbourethral gland.

One more important thing to keep in mind is that some of the ingredients impact the production of sperm cells. Thus, a product like Semenax may be seen as beneficial by the guys who are interested in enhancing their fertility.

Some of the effects to expect after getting started with Semenax include the following:

  • An increase in the production of seminal plasma
  • Increase in ejaculate volume
  • More powerful orgasms
  • Enhanced spermatogenesis
  • Better control over the orgasm, making it easier for guys to please a partner and prolong bedroom sessions

Main Ingredients

All of the compounds included in the Semenax formula are natural. Some have been recognized for their aphrodisiac qualities for centuries. In addition, Western medicine is currently revealing the mechanism in which the ingredients can be expected to deliver results:

  • Swedish flower: a very powerful herbal extract that improves prostate health.
  • Avena sativa extract: there’s some evidence that the ingredient increases the production of testosterone. The primary male hormone plays an important role in semen production and it also has a positive impact on the male libido.
  • Sarsaparilla: a potent diuretic that can improve the overall health of the reproductive tract.
  • Maca: an aphrodisiac that is believed to have a positive effect on testosterone production.
  • Catuaba bark: an aphrodisiac from the Brazilian rain forest.
  • L-arginine: this is a potent ingredient that affects the erectile response. L-arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide – a substance that increases the diameter of blood vessels. As a result, l-arginine allows more blood to enter the penile tissue and it enhances the erectile response.
  • Epimedium sagitarium: known as horny goat weed, this is another incredibly important herbal extract when it comes to strengthening the erectile response.
  • Zinc oxide: zinc is the most potent mineral when it comes to the production of healthy and viable sperm cells.
  • Vitamin E
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Hawthorn berry
  • Cranberry extract
  • Butea superba

Biggest Advantages

As you can see from the list of ingredients, Semenax is great for increasing ejaculate volume and it can also be used to improve overall sexual health. Safe and natural, the supplement doesn’t cause side effects when it’s being used by healthy individuals.

A few of the most prominent benefits that need to be highlighted include the following:

  • A natural formula that can be purchased without needing a prescription
  • A supplement that’s been around for a very long time
  • It’s possible to come across positive customer reviews online
  • Clinical trials prove the effectiveness of the most prominent active compounds
  • The supplement comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Discounts are available for bulk purchases
  • There are also free gifts for some bulk orders
  • It’s possible to order Semenax online, by mail or by phone for added convenience


As great as this supplement is, a few shortcomings have to be mentioned for a completely transparent and unbiased review:

  • A single bottle is quite costly if you decide to stay away from the bulk packages
  • You will have to take the supplement for a relatively long period of time until you start seeing prominent results

Final Verdict

Semenax is one of the most prominent names in the field of ejaculate volume maximization supplements and there’s a reason for that. Well-formulated, thoroughly tested and effective, this supplement deserves a 4.5 out of five stars rating.

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